Tri-State Bank of Memphis

Tri-State Bank of Memphis was founded in 1946 by the late Dr. J. E. Walker, and his son, the late A. Maceo Walker. They dreamed of a bank that would constructively change community conditions. The mission of Tri-State Bank of Memphis is to provide the communities we serve with financial solutions that transform them for the better. TSB pioneered signature loans, real estate loans and church loans to African Americans  – without a special endorsement. With initial assets of only $240,000, the bank’s assets have increased to the $111 million. From one small building and five employees, the bank has three locations and 40+ employees. TSB has used its resources to change conditions within its communities by enabling, enriching, and enhancing the dreams of its customers. Just as in years past, today, TSB stands poised to meet the dynamic lending requirements of an evolving society.