Social Impact Resources

Community development banks’ commitment to social impact is what sets them apart from mainstream banks. By collecting and tracking social impact data, CDFI banks continually improve their service to their communities.

City First Bank of D.C.: The YMCA Anthony Bowen

CDBA seeks to promote best practices for social impact measurement in the community development banking field. Browse our social impact materials below.

Expanding CDFI Coverage in Underserved Areas Task Order (2016)

This series of workshops organized by the CDFI Fund and OFN provided specialized training and technical assistance to certified and emerging Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) seeking to expand their reach into underserved communities that currently lack a CDFI presence. CDBA was contracted to present methods CDFIs employ to measure and use impact data.

Presentation: Understanding CDFI Impact

CDBA Social Impact Working Group

As part of the Expanding CDFI Coverage Task Order, CDBA was invited to organize a community development bank impact working group. This group of ten banks participated in a set of four webinar sessions to discuss how their institutions manage impact data.

Session 1 - Planning and Getting Started With Impact Assessment
Session 2 - Creating a Culture of Impact Assessment
Session 3 - Systems and Processes
Session 4 - Telling Your Story

CDFI MDI Capacity Building Initiative (2014)

The CDFI Fund’s Preserving and Expanding CDFI Minority Institutions webinars, organized by the CDFI Fund and Deloitte, were designed to expand CDFI Minority Depository Institutions’ capacity to grow and sustain their lending and social impacts within their target markets. CDBA was contracted to create a comprehensive social impact presentation that could be used by CDFIs to build their social impact systems from the ground up.

Telling Your Story Through Social Impact Data Collection and Reporting
Social Impact Data Collection Tips and Resources
Common CDFI Impact Indicators

CDBA/AERIS Social Impact Measurement for Community Development Banks Report (2013)

The CDBA/Aeris Social Impact Measurement for Community Development Banks Report aggregates best practices for social impact collection in the community development banking sector. Ten CDFI banks contributed information on their social impact systems to the study. The report highlights the unique approaches being implemented by the banks to meaningfully incorporate the use of social impact measures into the framework of their organizations.

Full Report

2016 CDBA Peer Forum Social Impact Presentations

Our annual Peer Forum is one of the community development banking industry’s most important opportunities for networking, sharing best practices and supporting peer learning. Peer Forum presentations are comprised of community development bankers and industry experts who share the keys to their success with the goal of improving the sector as a whole. 
Erin Kilmer-Neel (Beneficial State Bank)
Jane Henderson (Virginia Community Capital)
Tracy Cox (Self Help)
Greg Bischak (CDFI Fund)

CDBA Member Impact Reports

These reports from CDBA member banks illustrate the impact community development banks have in communities across the United States.

Virginia Community Capital (2016)
Carver Federal Savings Banks (2015)
Sunrise Banks (2015)
Urban Partnership Report (2014)
City First Bank (2014)

CDBA Member Impact Videos

Meet the entrepreneurs and families that benefit from the services of CDBA member banks.

Southern Bancorp: Vernetha
Sunrise Banks: Be the Change
City First Bank of DC: E.L. Haynes Public Charter School
City National Bank of New Jersey: BKNY Printing 
First SouthWest Bank: Colorado Mushroom Farm
Beneficial State Bank: The Oakland Indie Awards

Other Resources

Learn more about social impact measurement.

AERIS 2016 Community Investing Impact Metric Set

University of Chicago CDBA PPP Research Proposal