| Tuesday, August 25, 2015

American Banker has named BankPlus and Community Bancshares of Mississippi among the best banks to work for. Community Bancshares offers full-time employees a 60% reimbursement on up to $600 worth of new clothes each spring and fall. It also offers leadership training to its rising banking stars. At BankPlus, employees get a day off each year as an anniversary gift and every five years receive a gift such as jewelry, furniture or a vacation. Top performers each quarter enjoy a lunch with executives, a $500 bonus and a commemorative coin. BankPlus has also introduced health incentives for employees. Its WellnessPlus initiative includes a spa program for stress, a weight-loss program and wellness seminars.

ICBA | Thursday, August 20, 2015

OneUnited Bank and BankPlus were recognized last week in ICBA's Top Community Bank Leaders in Social Media list. More than 6,000 community banks throughout the nation were eligible to be part of the list and nearly 300 banks were nominated. Community banks were chosen based on their engagement with fans and followers, the content distributed on their social media platforms, the number of followers they have and the frequency of posting new content. “It is an honor for us to be recognized by ICBA for our efforts on social media because we see it as a unique, essential and vital channel for communicating with our customers and community," said OneUnited Bank President & COO, Teri Williams.

American Banker | Thursday, August 20, 2015

Banks that remain in the Troubled Asset Relief Program face limited options for exiting the nearly seven-year-old initiative. The Treasury Department still holds securities in 21 banks, compared to 707 when the program was at its height. The ranks have shrunk as banks exit the program or have their shares auctioned off to private investors. Now, many of the banks remaining in the portfolio are the more challenging prospects. "Treasury is continuing to implement the three-pronged exit strategy" for Tarp, a Treasury spokesman said. "That strategy includes waiting for those banks that are able to repay in full in the near future to do so, restructuring the investments in limited cases, and selling investments through auctions in cases where the bank is not expected to pay in the future."