Bank of Vernon

The Bank of Vernon is headquartered in Vernon, Alabama. It was the first bank chartered by the newly formed Alabama Banking Department on November 11, 1911. It is an independently owned and operated community bank with C.D.F.I. & C.D.E. status. It operates multiple full-service branches serving a rural part of Northwest Alabama and Northeast Mississippi. The bank has assets exceeding $275 million in 2022 and maintains an emphasis on modern facilities and technology to better serve its customers.

The Bank of Vernon is a LOCALLY owned and operated Independent Community Bank since 1911. It is a C.D.F.I. and C.D.E. Bank and Holding Company. Its mission is to improve social and economic conditions of the residents and businesses in its Target Market by offering a full range of financial products, financial services, and development services tailored to the needs of the Target Market residents and businesses.