Community Bank

One of the South’s fastest-growing financial institutions did not originate in a large, metropolitan area or grow with the usual bank business plan. Community Bancshares of Mississippi, Inc., started more than 100 years ago in a small timber community in east central Mississippi and has grown by employing a unique approach to one of America’s most routine industries. From 1995 until today, with few acquisitions, Community Bancshares has grown from $200 million in assets and a couple of offices to more than $2.4 billion in assets, 40 offices and over 660 employees in four states. Simple values like fairness, integrity, honesty, respect, humility, self-sacrifice, and kindness are all hallmarks of the type of organization Community Bank strives to build every day.

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American Banker | Monday, August 29, 2016

American Banker has released their 2016 list of best banks to work for.  CDBA Members Guaranty Bank and Trust, FNBC Bank, Community Bank and Bankplus all made the list.